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Fleurs Juliette

With over 60 years of experience, Fleurs Juliette is a reliable, established value as a wholesaler in the market of true-to-life silk flowers.

Since 1954, our 100% Belgian family business has been importing silk flowers from China and Hong Kong. Every year several factories are personally visited to spot the latest trends every time, to guarantee top quality and this at competitive prices.

In our own workshop, beautiful creations are made by experienced designers. This is done with great care and always artisanal, which means we can guarantee a high quality.

These creations are offered in three collections.

In addition to a fixed range, we work with seasonal collections in every collection, so we and your assortment remain commercially and up-to-date.

A wide range, a large stock and flexibility ensure that you are helped quickly throughout the year. And not only you, our products find their way across Europe.

With the third generation at the helm, we are fully committed to innovation and automation so that we can illuminate the work of our customers.

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