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1955: The very beginning

Jef Windmolders & Simonne Lahau start flower shop Windmolders in Halen, with only silk flowers.

1967: Store becomes wholesale

Soon their business grew into a real business: the store became a wholesaler

1978-1984: A real family business

The children Betty, Conny, Jenny and Johny and also son-in-law Romain are now working in the family business.

2015: New generation, new name

Grandson Dimitri takes over the business. The name Windmolders becomes Fleurs Juliette, named after Dimitri’s daughter Juliette.

2016: New buildings, larger capacity

Fleurs Juliette moves to a new building, with a much larger capacity and brand new showroom.

2017: Towards the future: innovation and growth

With a view to the future and further growth, the focus is on innovation and automation. Fleurs Juliette illuminates the work of the customer!